Where did my week go?

That was the common theme for me this week. I completely felt overwhelmed this week and I have no idea why. Between work and my personal life I almost felt like I needed a moment to step back and breathe but I just couldn’t catch my bearings to do so.  Work was challenging for me this week because I was faced with a project that I had to tackle all on my own with little to no content and vision. I was also faced with tons of calendar problems, work requests, deliverables and fire drills.  My personal life was also struggling way too much.  Between the insomnia I’m battling with, the ruckus of Whopee and Juno every day, my constant struggle with trying to eat healthy and working out, managing to squeeze in fun time with my friends, and thoughts of feeling like I’m not organized and where did this come from I am OVER this week!!!!  As I sit down and reflect on this crazy week I had, I realized just a few days ago I wanted to break down and cry so I phoned one of my Cali BFF’s Carolyn and totally released and vented to her. And she gave me the number one advice I’ve been giving her lately. Breathe, Relax, and Tackle – When the hell did this become my motto?!? I don’t know but it’s the best advice I’ve received all week!!!

So as I say, Happy Friday, So long to my crazy week, Happy Halloween and Let’s give it up to the Giants for doing a great job trying to win the World Series against the Texans I could care less where my week has gone and I’m just happy it’s almost over 🙂


Exercise Isn’t Torture; Fitness Can Be Fun!!!

I found this great article today on Health.com and I thought it would be great to share it with folks on here 🙂 – http://weightloss.health.com/2010/10/26/stop-dreading-workouts-exercise-is-fun/

By Tina Haupert

Growing up, it was easy for me to be active. I started ballet classes when I was 3 years old, and by the time I was 8, I was playing soccer. All through middle school and high school, I participated in team sports—soccer, tennis, basketball, and track and field. I loved being active, so fitting exercise into my life was easy. I never saw it as a way to burn calories or to maintain my weight; exercise was just plain fun!

Fast forward to my post-college days. I started working 40 hours a week, which meant sitting behind a desk, working late nights at the office, and spending too many overindulgent happy hours with co-workers (hello, beer and nachos!). In just a few months, I gained 20 pounds.

At first, I didn’t realize that I was putting on weight. But when I had to buy a whole new wardrobe (true story!), I knew that something needed to change. I cleaned up my diet and started going to the gym more regularly. Eventually though, that new get-in-shape motivation wore off, and spending hours at the gym each week began to feel like torture. It was nothing like playing soccer after school or taking a hip-hop dance class with my friends each week.

So instead of giving up on exercise altogether, I had to find ways to incorporate it into my life and even try to make it (gasp!) fun. Here’s what I did:

I make it a priority
I no longer “squeeze in” a workout. Exercise is one of the most important items on my to-do list. I try to make some sort of activity happen every single day, no matter what it is. If I have an especially busy day, I’ll incorporate fitness into my chores. For instance, walking my dog for 45 minutes or doing an hour or two of yard work kills two birds with one stone!

I have a flexible definition of the word “exercise”
Taking a Body Pump class or going for a 5-mile run are a couple of my favorite ways to exercise, but not all of my workouts are this “traditional.” The word “exercise” is a loose term for me. It fits a lot of activities in my life, including hiking in the mountains, taking a bike ride, playing an impromptu game of tennis with my husband, walking to the grocery store and back, or even helping friends move into a new house!

I don’t focus on the number on the scale
When it comes to exercising, I don’t let the bathroom scale dictate my workouts. My goal isn’t to fit into size zero skinny jeans, but to maintain my weight and feel good about myself. To me, being in good shape means feeling healthy and being active. Plus, the extra activity lets me enjoy dessert without guilt every day!

I remind myself that exercise is fun
It’s not always easy to psyche myself up for a workout. Just like everyone else, I am not motivated on some days and don’t feel like doing anything except sit on the couch, catching up with my DVR. Even though I’ve committed myself to fitness, I still struggle with these feelings. But now I’ve found different ways to motivate myself to exercise. I remind myself of the simple pleasures I receive from fitness. A run on the treadmill might sound boring, but to me it’s a time to myself, a time to let my mind wander. Similarly, strength training with free weights may not sound like fun. However, the anticipation of listening to the great workout playlist that I made for lifting weights makes me look forward to my session. It all comes down to making exercise fun!

Who doesn’t love it???


Growing up in a Dominican family we put cheese on everything. I mean EVERYTHING!!! Rice, eggs, pasta…everything!!!!  While I am a cheese lover I have yet to meet anyone who loves cheese more then my Sissypoo.  She loves cheese so much that the only thing she loves more than cheese is EXTRA CHEESE!!!  While cheese make everything extraordinary there are a lot of good and bad things about this wonderful treat.

*  Packed with Calcium
*  Vitamin D but not enough to put a dent in your daily value needs
*  30 grams of cheddar cheese contain 6 grams of protein
*  Has amino acids to keep you body fit if eaten in moderations
*  Vitamin A
*  Has options of low fat and fat free which is great in the reduction of calories and sometimes taste
*  Not a replacement for your toothbrush but cheese has been known to help fight cavities

*   Loaded with saturated fat which is one of the worst fats to eat
*  Tons of calories
*  High in sodium
*  Not to good for you heart

As with anything else, eating cheese should come in moderations. While packing it on your burrito will bring joy to your eyes and taste buds remember if taken out of control it can cause more harm than good.

My LOVE/HATE relationship with him…

I decided it was time to get back to a place in where I would challenge myself.  This meant two things. Either get my behind back in bootcamp session or call Jon. Since the weather is so sketchy lately I decided no bootcamp and Jon it is. Jon…who is he and how can he help. In short but sweet words Jon is my trainer. My exercise savior but my demon in disguise. I like to call it a love/hate relationship that Jon and I possess.  I can call him at any time and get a 60 minute ass kicking session for only $40. Working out with Jon has helped me so much but like any other person I’m always looking for cheaper ways to get fit. So yesterday I decided I was going to take a mental note of all the things I do with Jon and apply to myself when I workout alone. Here are some pics of some equipment my gym has to utilize and that gets me results.  I’ll explain how Jon tortures me on them and just reading it will make you sweat and keep you sore 🙂

STABILITY BALL – Jon has me using this ball for major core work. I do tons of core work because my constant complaint to him is wanting a flatter stomach.  I also managed to find a great pic of exactly how we use the ball.  In this exercise here, I’m trying to learn how to master a plank.  This exercise is a little different because he wouldn’t be crazy if he didn’t add a twist to it. So what we do is a plank with a side twist. This exercise is tough for me because holding up my body weight on my arms is a killer. So not only am I doing core work but I’m also doing work on my arms. Tough!!! I suggest starting slow with just planks.










– These are boxes that range from big to small that you jump on to work your booty!!! Whenever I’m like “Jon, I want a butt like that and point to some chick in the gym with a major buns, this sucker right here comes out and gives me glutes hell!!! This also can count as cardio because your heart is racing so much with jumping up and down. I also do various leg exercises and squats on here to work different muscles.










– I have one of these balls at home that I hate because Jon tortures me with it at the gym. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great ball and it works but not my favorite. I do TONS of squats and push ups on this ball. It’s pure hell. It’s supposed to be great for balance but I must admit I’m too busy sweating all over the ball to ever be balanced on it. But…I TRY 🙂










– OH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t let the size of this little ball fool you! This is MAJOR!!! I remember I used to play myself and grab the 8 or 10 pounder.  Yeah right…I couldn’t last 2 minutes without begging. So 4 pounder for me it is. This ball helps my loves handles or should I call them my hate handles.  I also do roll push ups on them.  This ball is really good and sometimes I carry it while walking on the treadmill if I don’t feel like running but want more of a boost to my walking.

There you have it!!!! One of many of my nightmares from hell with Jon. I gotta say, as much as I hate him at times for not being able to walk or move I love him because he works all the right spots 🙂

My curves are beautiful

As I strive to become a better me, I feel the need to emphasis how beautiful I am.  In a world where sex sells and body image is everything we have to learn how to love ourselves. There is nothing wrong with loving your body and yourself for the way God made you.  All of us are uniquely special and beautiful.  If I ever had to pick my best physical attribute I would have to say my smile and dimples 🙂  The two come as one and can never be separated and I think they reflect my constant happiness. Their both radiant and causes others to reflect their warmth with me. Yes there are times when I wish my stomach was flatter, my arms were small and my butt was bigger but for the most part I’m perfect.  I’m just trying to perfect my flaws as I call it.  We all have them.  The skinniest person, the fittest person and all those in between have flaws they wish they could change. It’s time to remember being beautiful not only consists of physical appearance, Its also about your character, your personality and how you love others. It’s easy to be nasty and mean and angry and so much more. Let’s learn how to be beautiful. Let’s learn how to embrace the things that don’t make us the same. Let’s learn how to reflect a radiance that dares us to be anything other than extraordinary!!!!!!

Citrus Fun

Ever since I was a little girl my juice of choice has been Orange Juice. Something about it is so refreshing and thirst quenching. I could drink it every day with no remorse on how sweet it is because it tastes good and is loading with things that a body needs.

Did you know…Orange Juice not only has the Vitamin C which is the most important antioxidants and helps support our immune system it also has minerals such as potassium that our body needs. Not many people know potassium plays a major role in reducing the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.  Just one 8 once glass of 100% orange juice provides 14% of the Daily Value for potassium. Thiamin is also associated with many enzymes in our systems which help repair and produce our DNA.  Let’s not forget folic acid which helps cell division and healthy red blood cells and reduce the risk of birth defects in children as well as calcium which is good for the bones.

Long story short, Orange Juice has a natural sweetener and is super nutritious  so don’t feel guilty about drinking this fat free, sodium free, and cholesterol free treat 🙂

I walk beside you

If there’s one thing I can’t stand I must admit it’s shopping!!!!  My friends can spend hours and hours in stores doing nothing but shopping.  I’ve always been the one whose hated shopping and hated tagging along for their shopping events.  They never seem to understand and sometimes I feel selfishly they don’t care because what I’m faced with they don’t have to deal with it. I’ve always hated shopping for clothes because I feel the stores for plus sizes or full figured women are super limited. In fact, you can count on your one hand the options that exist. My friends know I’m not your average size 6 and I’m not insinuating they are so their aware of my challenges.  Still with that being said how can they fully understand.  How can you understand when you have nothing but endless options in your size and not faced with my dilemma?  I try and be cool about it and most times I just say I’m not up for shopping or bare it for them but still I feel left in the cold of wishing I was a size I’m not and sometimes don’t care to be.

I write this post because I walk beside you. I walk beside all the girls who feel shopping is like putting a knife in their heart because no stores have their size, style or flyness that they know they can achieve if given the opportunity.  I walk beside you because not only do I feel your pain but I’m going through it myself.  I walk beside you because we are sisters and I to have little to no options.  I walk besides you because my friends love me with all their heart but they just DON’T UNDERSTAND.

If I could get a message across to the all designers, manufacturers and buyers for stores out there I would tell them:
*Not all of use like paisley print, polka dots, and strips
*Elastic waist is not cool for ANY size
*Making the dummy in the store “look” plus size doesn’t make me happy
*More yardage doesn’t mean garbage
*Stop re-inventing the fat wheel
*If more people walk out empty handed than in, there’s a problem

Shopping doesn’t have to be dreadful.  And just because I’m a plus size doesn’t mean I’m not sexy and shouldn’t be made to feel that way.
The average size in America is a size 12 and slowly creeping if not already up to a size 14.  In my book 14 is no one’s plus size.

Love your curves…because their FIERCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!