Salt; The Silent Killer and Salternatives

For ages, we’ve heard salt is one of the deadly sins. I have been guilty of being heavy handed with it in the past. Recently, I’ve discovered one of my cravings have been something salty. I’ve also noticed, sometimes food to me isn’t salty and friends that I’m with think it’s too salty. So, I decided to go on a Saltisson (salt mission). My mother was the queen of salt. I’m not talking about this new profound seasoning salt or sea salt. I’m talking about good old table/idonized salt. My mother, bless her good heart would salt every thing. Recently, I’ve been noticing folks around me shaking the shaker as well which has me believing I’m not the only one.  My normal lunch routine is to eat a frozen food. Today was nothing different. People always chant they can’t eat or find pleasure in frozen meals because of the salt and the taste (different topic). I always thought they were losing it because when I eat mine, damn right I add more salt. But…should I be?!?

Studies show, women should eat one teaspoon a day in salt.  One teaspoon is equivalent to 2300mg.  That is also the USDA’s recommended amount.  Today, women alone exceed that by 20%.  The USDA is considering lowering the teaspoon a day consumption.  Jennifer Nelson, R.D. Who is the chief of clinical dietetics at the Mayo clinic good & nutrition of Rochester, MN says “often people don’t realize they’re consuming too much.” Clearly, I’m in that boat.

Sodium is needed for nerve and muscle function but too much of it increases our risk of osteoporosis, kidney stones, ulcers, and of course high blood pressure. Studies from the New England Journal show that by just cutting our salt intake down by half may benefit us in shrinking our BMI by 5%.

Seems like it’s so easy to get addicted to the white stuff (not that kind of stuff) LOL.  Just like our other friendly silent killer Sugar, salt may be a habit.  Yes, no wonder our (I mean mine) LOL lemon drops and margarita taste so good with that pre-treat.  And unfortunately like any other addiction, the more we get used to eating/having it, the more we need it to satisfy our craving.

No need to fear ladies and gentlemen!!! It’s easy to kick the salt habit to the curb. Reading the nutrition labels is the first step!!! Reaching for reduced sodium foods may also be a trick so reach for low sodium. They have as little as 25% fewer milligrams. Also keep in mind, food that have low calories and low fat have added sodium to make up for the taste 😦

One of the beat ways to cut back on your sodium intake to cut back on the processed food. The golden rule is, if you make it, you know what’s in it.  Follow that golden rule and watch how fast you can control your salt levels.

To help you out a bit, I found an article with some great salt alternatives.
*On greens and other veggies use olive oil & balsamic vinegar. The richness of the balsamic vinegar pairs nicely with the bitter greens
*Potatoes or pasta used roasted garlic. Garlic soothes the tanginess and makes a sweet flavour that brings carbs to life
*Eggs use low sodium salsa.  Why do you think people adore huevos rancheros
*Chicken/other meats use curry. The bold flavors of indian and thai (my favorite) seasoning can add a kick to your meat
*Fish/seafood use dill or old bay. This classic seafood seasoning brings out flavor without overpowering them.

So there you have it!!! My sodium cut back has begun!!!


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