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CF:  Tell me a little bit about your outlook on having a healthy life and why is it important to you?
Claudia:  Having a healthy life is important to me now. It wasn’t always.  I come from a family that is not so healthy, and now that we are all getting older, I see my parents struggling with health issues.  Both my parents have type 2 diabetes and I’m terrified of going down that same path.  I also want to make sure I am around to see my baby nephews grow up.

CF:  Do you struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle if so why?
Claudia:  I absolutely struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Eating balanced meals and exercising regularly were not values I was raised with.  I am Latina, and food is a big part of our culture. A lot of that food is fried and rich (and delicious!), but not that good for you.  It has taken a lot for me to realize that you have to decide to make new habits, and that just because you aren’t used to doing something doesn’t mean that you can’t grown to like it.

CF:  What has motivated you to stay healthy?
Claudia:  I am not quite healthy yet, but I am motivated to keep trying.  Lots of things motivate me.  Seeing the progress of my co-worker Sandra motivates me – it’s true! 🙂  Seeing my clothes fit better and better motivates me.  I am motivated by not huffing and puffing os when I walk up a hill in San Francisco, or when I carry groceries upstairs to my apartment.  I am also becoming more and more addicted to the exercise “high”…that feeling you get when you are done at the gym is the best!

CF:  What is your favorite cardio / strength training routine?
Claudia:  I never thought I would say this, but I have fallen in love with yoga! It amazes me that something so slow and calm can make my heart beast so fast and make me sweat like I just ran a marathon!  And I can feel it in my abs and arms the next day.  It’s really amazing!  I am also starting to like running more, though I can’t do it for very long, so I walk for 3 minutes, run for 2, walk for 3, run for 2 and so on.  I keep trying to get to a point where I run for longer without having to walk in between.

CF:  What’s your number one work-out song?
Claudia:  Tiga – “You Gonna Want Me” (the chorus is “I know you gonna want , but when you want, it might be a different story”. Ha! take that!)

CF:  How do you stay fit on days you don’t feel like crawling out of bed?
Claudia:  This is the piece that I struggle with the most and am still working on figuring out.  Most of the time I tell myself I will feel better if I get up and workout/eat right, and that works.  Some days I honor myself and skip the workout – but I have to be careful with that because one too many times I have said “I’ll go back tomorrow” and totally fall off the wagon. LOL

CF:  What makes exercising fun to you?
Claudia:  I’ve recently realized that other people make exercise fun for me.  I’ve tried working out on my own at home, and going for runs and stuff alone and the motivation just doesn’t last.  I get energized by taking a class with people or having a trainer.  Maybe it’s the accountability factor, but it also makes it feel like I am learning and not just running in place.

CF:  If tomorrow was the end of the world what would you eat without feeling guilty?
Claudia:  Chicken fingers with BBQ and ranch, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, and a ridiculous amount of chocolate!!!

CF:  What advice do you have for people who struggle with finding motivation for staying fit?
Claudia:  It sounds cliche, but just keep doing it!! I had trouble with exercising for a long time because I’m usually good at most things I try, but I was NOT good at exercise, and I REALLY didn’t like sucking at something!  It’s like it pained me, so I just didn’t even want to try and I found every excuse I could to give up.  Then my fitness instructor said something really great to me.  He said “of all the things in this world, exercising is the one thing that you can get better at really fast, and you can easily measure progress”.  And it’s true!  the more you do it, the easier the routines get, and where one week you could only do 10 reps, this week your’re doing 15 or 20. So I guess my advice is stick with it and it will naturally get easier.

CF:  Can you share some before and after pictures with us?
Claudia:  I’m still kinda stuck in the ‘before’ phase. Ha.  I haven’t really lost so much weight yet to make a visible difference, but I will gladly share some pics after I start moving closer to it 🙂


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