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A couple of days ago, I had this fabulous papaya that I bought from the supermarket. The size (of course) totally caught my eye and made it into my cart and on the kitchen table. Thinking to myself “this big thing is probably not even ripe yet, let me leave it on the table for a few days” didn’t have me tearing right into it. So as I patiently waited for this humungous thing to rip, one late night my cravings kicked in and at one o’clock in the morning I found myself on the kitchen floor with a knife and boy shorts on, in front of the refrigerator with the door open for light and a watering mouth, I did it!!! I cut that bad boy open. And to my surprise, it was as if I were in a tropical heaven and now completely satisfied to eat. The next morning, still with the sweet juices on my lips all I could think of is I wonder how good papayas are for you and decided to do a little research.  Here’s what I found 🙂

Papaya’s (as so many other fruits) seem to have a numerous amounts of benefits and in my book that means I’ve hit the jackpot!!!

Did you know???
***Their great for you skin
***They help get rid of bloating
***They help with sinus problems
***Can help with digestive problems
***One cup only has 55 calories
***Great to use as hair conditioner
***Unripe papayas may cause miscarriages due to the amounts of latex that cause contractions 😦

Papaya is a native fruit of South America and is grown all over tropical and sub-tropical climates.  When ripe, they have a sweet and juicy taste and has a texture and remind me of a mango. Hmm…I wonder if they are related??? They grow on a tree and their leaves are very large.  Papaya plants come in three different genders: males, females, and bisexuals…NICE 🙂 and have different flowers depending on the gender. This is how you can tell them apart.  They have an excellent source of Vitamin A, C, and E.  Once cut open, papaya’s have black seeds inside that are edible and have a sharp and spicy taste. In some parts of Asia, the seeds are grounded up and used as pepper.

Papaya’s are also great for your healthy.  They’ve been known as a flat belly food which mean they ward off bloating. They have an enzyme in them that helps break down fiber.  Their bone strengtheners as well and help with improving your bones.

I encourage you to tantalize your taste buds and try a ripe Papaya 🙂


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