Dine out…without gaining a pound

I found this interesting article in the July 2010 Shape Magazine and thought hmmm this can help us all 🙂

***I waited tables all through college and graduated school and, as a nutrition science major, never minded one bit when customers asked for substitutions.  In fact, I thought it was smart!  I frequently make special requests when I eat out – and encourage my clients to do the same – because even small changes can makes a huge difference in how healthy your meal is.  These swaps will help you curb calories and feel just as satisfied at any quick-service or sit-down restaurant.***

1.    Substitute a side of black beans for that mashed potatoes that come with your BBQ chicken – SAVE:  290 calories
2.    Hold the mayo-based sauce in a sandwich or wrap, and ask for a drizzle of light balsamic vinaigrette instead – SAVE: 130 calories
3.    Choose a spicy pomodoro sauce over bolognese (meat sauce) on your fettuccine – SAVE: 160 calories
4.    Replace a cup of macaroni salad with a green salad with 2 tablespoons of light vinaigrette – SAVE: 322 calories
5.    Trade the flour tortilla on your burrito for a bed of lettuce – SAVE: 280 calories
6.    Order your scrambled eggs and cheese on a whole-grain bread instead of a roll – SAVE: 200 calories
7.    Ditch the waffle cone and sprinkles on your soft-serve ice cream, opting instead for a cup and no toppings – SAVE: 185 calories
8.    Top an entree salad with grilled shrimp rather than grilled chicken – SAVE: 138 calories
9.    Instead of slices of standard pepperoni pizza, switch to a thin crust and top with chicken breast, peppers, onions and mushrooms – SAVE: 160 calories
10.  Bag the bun and request that your burger or chicken sandwich be served on a toasted English muffin instead – SAVE: 230 calories
11.  Replace the butter and syrup on your pancakes with sliced fruit – SAVE: 367 calories
12.  In a chopped salad, exchange the blue cheese for feta and skip the dried cranberries and candied walnuts – SAVE: 275 calories

Thanks Shape Magazine!!!!


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