I <3 Spinning

I’ve grown to totally love SPINNING!!!!!!!!! I define spinning as this: Some exercises can be dreadful and torture and some exercises can be addictive.  Spinning is my addiction. And I must say, I have it bad!!!! I spin four times a week and don’t know where I would be without it.  Honestly, there are two reasons why I love it. #1 – It’s a calorie chomper – I can burn approximately 1200-1500 calories from one hour of spinning. WOW!!! #2 – It’s a class that constantly challenges me. Whenever I feel like I’m so over the treadmill, elliptical, and stair masters, I remember my spin classes are super fun and just what I need.  As with everything, don’t believe the myths of spin classes. No, you don’t have to keep up with the teacher and the class, no it won’t affect your knees (unless you’re doing it wrong), and no it’s not hard.  In fact, it’s the total opposite. My first time experiencing spin classes I went in with an open and positive mainframe.  I was always one of those folks that checked out the participants and thought “wow…I wish I could do that.”  Well one day, I mustered up the strength of being the newbie who didn’t have a clue and I went right on in.  Fortunately enough, the instructor at my gym was great!!! She helped me with the key things (**see below for the key things**) and she totally made me feel like it was my world and my workout 🙂

Spinning is a great cardiovascular exercise. I can totally vouch for spinning and is grateful to all the pounds and leg muscles I’ve gained and lost 🙂  Unlike the stationary bikes, which seem like dinosaurs these days, Spinning tests your endurance and your strength.  If that isn’t motivation, please know spinning is great to relieve stress 🙂

So for anyone out there who is scared here are some key things to know about spinning:
1.  Learn the proper usage of the bike!  This will determine your longevity of this great activity.  Please know, if the bike is not used properly you will cause harm upon yourself.
2.  PACE yourself!!! Go at the pace that you’re most comfortable with. If the instructor says raise the level and you’re not ready, don’t do it.
3.  Don’t be afraid to SWEAT!!! CAUTION…this will cause major sweat and it’s good for you.
4.  Your workout, have fun! Spinning should be about you, your endurance and your strength. Don’t worry about the folks around you. Do your best and you’ll do great!

Top Ten Reasons To Love Spinning
1.  BURN BURN BURN – The number of calories you burn will be infinite per class
2.  Great cardio workout
3.  Progress at your own pace
4. Time Flies
5.  Low impact
6.  Great legs
7.  Lower your body’s workout breaking point
8.  Ab workout while you spin
9.  Ride together
10.  Mental strength

In addition to spinning, I recommend doing strength training. Remember, the goal is to make sure we don’t encounter any saggy skin 🙂



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