Who doesn’t love it???


Growing up in a Dominican family we put cheese on everything. I mean EVERYTHING!!! Rice, eggs, pasta…everything!!!!  While I am a cheese lover I have yet to meet anyone who loves cheese more then my Sissypoo.  She loves cheese so much that the only thing she loves more than cheese is EXTRA CHEESE!!!  While cheese make everything extraordinary there are a lot of good and bad things about this wonderful treat.

*  Packed with Calcium
*  Vitamin D but not enough to put a dent in your daily value needs
*  30 grams of cheddar cheese contain 6 grams of protein
*  Has amino acids to keep you body fit if eaten in moderations
*  Vitamin A
*  Has options of low fat and fat free which is great in the reduction of calories and sometimes taste
*  Not a replacement for your toothbrush but cheese has been known to help fight cavities

*   Loaded with saturated fat which is one of the worst fats to eat
*  Tons of calories
*  High in sodium
*  Not to good for you heart

As with anything else, eating cheese should come in moderations. While packing it on your burrito will bring joy to your eyes and taste buds remember if taken out of control it can cause more harm than good.


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