Where did my week go?

That was the common theme for me this week. I completely felt overwhelmed this week and I have no idea why. Between work and my personal life I almost felt like I needed a moment to step back and breathe but I just couldn’t catch my bearings to do so.  Work was challenging for me this week because I was faced with a project that I had to tackle all on my own with little to no content and vision. I was also faced with tons of calendar problems, work requests, deliverables and fire drills.  My personal life was also struggling way too much.  Between the insomnia I’m battling with, the ruckus of Whopee and Juno every day, my constant struggle with trying to eat healthy and working out, managing to squeeze in fun time with my friends, and thoughts of feeling like I’m not organized and where did this come from I am OVER this week!!!!  As I sit down and reflect on this crazy week I had, I realized just a few days ago I wanted to break down and cry so I phoned one of my Cali BFF’s Carolyn and totally released and vented to her. And she gave me the number one advice I’ve been giving her lately. Breathe, Relax, and Tackle – When the hell did this become my motto?!? I don’t know but it’s the best advice I’ve received all week!!!

So as I say, Happy Friday, So long to my crazy week, Happy Halloween and Let’s give it up to the Giants for doing a great job trying to win the World Series against the Texans I could care less where my week has gone and I’m just happy it’s almost over 🙂


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