My LOVE/HATE relationship with him…

I decided it was time to get back to a place in where I would challenge myself.  This meant two things. Either get my behind back in bootcamp session or call Jon. Since the weather is so sketchy lately I decided no bootcamp and Jon it is. Jon…who is he and how can he help. In short but sweet words Jon is my trainer. My exercise savior but my demon in disguise. I like to call it a love/hate relationship that Jon and I possess.  I can call him at any time and get a 60 minute ass kicking session for only $40. Working out with Jon has helped me so much but like any other person I’m always looking for cheaper ways to get fit. So yesterday I decided I was going to take a mental note of all the things I do with Jon and apply to myself when I workout alone. Here are some pics of some equipment my gym has to utilize and that gets me results.  I’ll explain how Jon tortures me on them and just reading it will make you sweat and keep you sore 🙂

STABILITY BALL – Jon has me using this ball for major core work. I do tons of core work because my constant complaint to him is wanting a flatter stomach.  I also managed to find a great pic of exactly how we use the ball.  In this exercise here, I’m trying to learn how to master a plank.  This exercise is a little different because he wouldn’t be crazy if he didn’t add a twist to it. So what we do is a plank with a side twist. This exercise is tough for me because holding up my body weight on my arms is a killer. So not only am I doing core work but I’m also doing work on my arms. Tough!!! I suggest starting slow with just planks.










– These are boxes that range from big to small that you jump on to work your booty!!! Whenever I’m like “Jon, I want a butt like that and point to some chick in the gym with a major buns, this sucker right here comes out and gives me glutes hell!!! This also can count as cardio because your heart is racing so much with jumping up and down. I also do various leg exercises and squats on here to work different muscles.










– I have one of these balls at home that I hate because Jon tortures me with it at the gym. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great ball and it works but not my favorite. I do TONS of squats and push ups on this ball. It’s pure hell. It’s supposed to be great for balance but I must admit I’m too busy sweating all over the ball to ever be balanced on it. But…I TRY 🙂










– OH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t let the size of this little ball fool you! This is MAJOR!!! I remember I used to play myself and grab the 8 or 10 pounder.  Yeah right…I couldn’t last 2 minutes without begging. So 4 pounder for me it is. This ball helps my loves handles or should I call them my hate handles.  I also do roll push ups on them.  This ball is really good and sometimes I carry it while walking on the treadmill if I don’t feel like running but want more of a boost to my walking.

There you have it!!!! One of many of my nightmares from hell with Jon. I gotta say, as much as I hate him at times for not being able to walk or move I love him because he works all the right spots 🙂


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