My curves are beautiful

As I strive to become a better me, I feel the need to emphasis how beautiful I am.  In a world where sex sells and body image is everything we have to learn how to love ourselves. There is nothing wrong with loving your body and yourself for the way God made you.  All of us are uniquely special and beautiful.  If I ever had to pick my best physical attribute I would have to say my smile and dimples 🙂  The two come as one and can never be separated and I think they reflect my constant happiness. Their both radiant and causes others to reflect their warmth with me. Yes there are times when I wish my stomach was flatter, my arms were small and my butt was bigger but for the most part I’m perfect.  I’m just trying to perfect my flaws as I call it.  We all have them.  The skinniest person, the fittest person and all those in between have flaws they wish they could change. It’s time to remember being beautiful not only consists of physical appearance, Its also about your character, your personality and how you love others. It’s easy to be nasty and mean and angry and so much more. Let’s learn how to be beautiful. Let’s learn how to embrace the things that don’t make us the same. Let’s learn how to reflect a radiance that dares us to be anything other than extraordinary!!!!!!


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