I walk beside you

If there’s one thing I can’t stand I must admit it’s shopping!!!!  My friends can spend hours and hours in stores doing nothing but shopping.  I’ve always been the one whose hated shopping and hated tagging along for their shopping events.  They never seem to understand and sometimes I feel selfishly they don’t care because what I’m faced with they don’t have to deal with it. I’ve always hated shopping for clothes because I feel the stores for plus sizes or full figured women are super limited. In fact, you can count on your one hand the options that exist. My friends know I’m not your average size 6 and I’m not insinuating they are so their aware of my challenges.  Still with that being said how can they fully understand.  How can you understand when you have nothing but endless options in your size and not faced with my dilemma?  I try and be cool about it and most times I just say I’m not up for shopping or bare it for them but still I feel left in the cold of wishing I was a size I’m not and sometimes don’t care to be.

I write this post because I walk beside you. I walk beside all the girls who feel shopping is like putting a knife in their heart because no stores have their size, style or flyness that they know they can achieve if given the opportunity.  I walk beside you because not only do I feel your pain but I’m going through it myself.  I walk beside you because we are sisters and I to have little to no options.  I walk besides you because my friends love me with all their heart but they just DON’T UNDERSTAND.

If I could get a message across to the all designers, manufacturers and buyers for stores out there I would tell them:
*Not all of use like paisley print, polka dots, and strips
*Elastic waist is not cool for ANY size
*Making the dummy in the store “look” plus size doesn’t make me happy
*More yardage doesn’t mean garbage
*Stop re-inventing the fat wheel
*If more people walk out empty handed than in, there’s a problem

Shopping doesn’t have to be dreadful.  And just because I’m a plus size doesn’t mean I’m not sexy and shouldn’t be made to feel that way.
The average size in America is a size 12 and slowly creeping if not already up to a size 14.  In my book 14 is no one’s plus size.

Love your curves…because their FIERCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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