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HE SAID —> Meet Q

CF:  Why is being healthy important to you?
Q:  Being healthy is my lifestyle..as I am vegan.   (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veganism)  understand that veganism, to me, is not a diet.  Therefore health is extremely important. Being healthy means keeping myself young, yet wise, to enjoy more experiences in life, always on pursuit to my own happiness. But health to me is more than just physical.  I feel it embodies my mental state and the energies I give to those around me as well as my body traits.   I dont want to be hindered by an unhealthy body and mind if I know I can change it. therefore, health is key to my survival.

CF:  How do you stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle?
Q:  It’s a combination of will-power and self-discipline.  I learn, I read, I act.  Being vegan, has narrowed down choices of things I will eat or be surrounded by.   I have learned and continue to learn what natural foods and sources can be good for me and I make a plan to try them and/or cook them and hopefully enjoy them.  I stay active as to keep my muscles flexible and strong to MY liking.  I resist things that i feel wouldnt be beneficial to my growth, my body, my mind.  for me, those would be drugs, alcohol, and of course, many types of food that doesnt fit my lifestyle.  Specifically, I stay active (because I just like doin these things anyways) with running, basketball, boxing…cardio type activities mostly and I remain disciplined by always learning and applying what I feel is good for me.

CF:  What are some things that keep you motivated?
Q:  I wont be so vain to let something like tabloids motivate me.  its all self-discipline.  I know it’s more of an impact for me to feel healthy or strive to continue to be, rather than for someone else to say I am or not. I understand the media and just the general public and societal views can push us to think we need to look a certain way or eat a certain way…and I would be completely ridiculous to say those things dont make me think to myself, “I would like to look like that!” but overshadowing those thoughts are my own…in saying.. “I will look/think how I want to look/think because I know I am healthy and I am happy with myself but if I want it that bad, I know I can make it for myself.”

CF:  How do you stay fit on days when you don’t feel like crawling out of bed?
Q:  If I just stay in bed all day, literally, I would just sleep and make sure I go to the bathroom.  The body needs to detox.  Buuut….who doesnt like to just chill at home or just eat some junk food.  I feel bc I have been doing things before to keep myself healthy, if I were to break that cycle, I can get back into it the next day/week/month..etc.  If I feel I need to work harder, I will.  again, will-power and self discipline.

CF:  Tell me about your eating habits?
Q:  Fruits in the morning for natural energy and sugar.  Even some granola cereal with soy/rice/almond milk is good.  Ever since being vegan (been 5 years), I’ve had more energy than I had when I was in high school doin sports. As I continue my day with lunch, snacking and dinner…and because I choose not to eat any meats, dairy products, seafood or basically any animal derivatives, I must find alternates that are much better for me.  It goes deeper than just tofu.   There are vegan yogurts, cheese, ice cream, faux meats, butter, egg replacers..that allow me to cook at home rather than always going out to eat.

CF:  If tomorrow was the end of the world what would you eat without regrets?
Q:  A bunch of candy like Airheads and ice cream (dairy free of course).

CF:  What advice would you give people who struggle with finding motivation on staying fit?
Q:  Keep a curious mind to learn about health and the world around you.  Make goals for yourself and write them down.  Make a list as to why you want to accomplish said goals and keep them in your view like a mirror or computer screen.  Read or find another person who may be going through a similar struggle as you are never alone.  Talk about your accomplishments as you approach and achieve goals.  Maintain a good and positive attitude, be proud of yourself and believe in yourself but even still, no one can MAKE you, only you can.  Love yourself above all.

CF:  Have you ever struggled with maintaining your weight?
Q:  Yes, about 8 years ago.

CF:  How important is it to you to find a partner who shares the same health and fitness goals as you and why?
Q:  It’s ideal.  as i feel like-mindedness can bring you closer in a relationship.  it can inspire, challenge and open up more abilities to share.  when one thinks alike, their energies align with yours, meaning your understanding of the other person is almost, innate.  having things in common such as a healthy lifestyle can also mean, a longer time to experience things together.

CF:  How do you change the monotony of the same exercise routine?
Q:  If I find a routine boring, I look for something else that can end up giving me the same results.  That means,  I need to research and explore.  Look online, ask people around you. Maybe, work out to a different song in your ipod or watch a different tv show if you workout at home.

CF:  Can you share a photo with us?
Q:  Please see below 🙂


Fun Fact #6

Did you know…it takes 3500 calories to lose one pound???

You may be thinking YIKES…and YIKES it is indeed.

Throughout losing weight, I learned it was super important to not only track the calories you eat but it’s important to track the calories you lose during your workouts.  Because losing one pound means losing 3500 calories it’s important to figure out how much exercise and food intake you have to bear to lose weight. You may think to yourself that it’s impossible to ever lose any weight with that being your in odds.  Truth is, it is very tough however it can be done.  The key to losing more weight is to burn off more calories than you consume. That’s fundamental and we all know that right. That is the answer. Nothing more, nothing less!!!