Superfood Of The Week: KIWI Fruit

KIWI’S…What I call the diamond in the rough of all fruits.  Not to be confused with Kiwi the birds 🙂  Once you get past the rough skin, the slightly coarse fur or fuzz, and the odd color, the sweet gem is to die for.  The Kiwi was originated in China and also known to some as the Chinese Gooseberry and is grown in several countries but mainly New Zealand, Chile, and Italy.  Did you know, some actually considered them berries!!!  All kiwi’s are oval and about the size of an egg.  The great thing about Kiwi’s and what makes them a Superfood is that it’s LOADED with nutrients where other fruits have maybe 2-3. Their rich in Vitamin C and even contain more Vitamin C than an orange and actually have more potassium than a banana which helps keep muscles functioning properly.  It’s also known that the skin acts as an antioxidant. Though I’ve never eaten the skin and don’t know if I’m brave enough to sail those sees, once you scrub off the fur or fuzz the skin is totally edible.  I’ll take the researchers word for it though.

You name it, the Kiwi’s have it: Fiber, Folate, Vitamin E, Magnesium. WOW!!!!

If that wasn’t news for you, Kiwi’s also help promote a healthy heart.  They help to limit the tendencies of blood clots. They’ve also been reported to help with cataracts and have a laxative effect on some due to the great source in fiber which is great because the older you get the more constipated you become…OR SO THEY SAY. LOL!

This superfood can be found in supermarkets all over and sold yearly.  Their super sweet but can be tart at times so be careful.  The tiny black seeds can be intimidating at times if this fruit is new to you but no fears, their easy to chew and digest.  Their also great with cereal, yogurt, and even salads or as my preference, eat them alone.  Slice it, scoop it, and enjoy!!!!  Their surely one of my FAVORITE fruits and you can find me nibbling on a couple a week.

***Did you know…one Kiwi has approximately 46 calories???***


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