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CF:  Tell me a little bit about your outlook on having a healthy life and why it is important to you?
Tina:  Having a healthy life is very important to me because it makes me more happy and energetic to perform the everyday tasks in my life. I am less stressed out and feel more positive in everything I do.

CF:  Do you struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle if so why?
Tina:  Occasionally it can be a struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle especially when things in life such as the relationship roller coaster ride, family issues such as having a family that relies heavily upon you to help them out due to the language barrier, or that at times the feeling of “there’s so little time to accomplish everything I want to do” can discourage me from giving myself the time to take care of me.

CF:  What has motivated you to stay healthy?
Tina:  My motivation is knowing that I am putting my words in action, that I not only “talk the talk” but “walk the walk”. My biggest accomplishment that I feel really proud of is that I was able to show my husband (my boyfriend/fiancee at the time) by my example to be more in control of his health by making a more conscious choice in his eating habits, which was hard since he grew up in an environment that healthy eating and staying fit was not even a topic that was discussed or made aware of. Our motivation together now is to loose some extra pounds and to maintain a healthy weight so that we can enjoy the outdoorsy activities that we love to do together.

CF:  What is your favorite cardio / strength training routine?
Tina:  Currently, I love to jump rope for my cardio workout. I have increased my jump roping time from 5 minutes everyday for the past 2 weeks to now 10 minutes. It a definite cardio kicker.  As for strength training, my current routine is using free-weights like dumbbells and the weighted balls at home.

CF:  What’s your number one work-out song?
Tina:  The only time I listen to music while I workout is if I use the treadmill, stair master, or any of the cardio machines at the gym or if I go running outdoors.  Only then do I put on any fast tempo music from any genres will do, as long as they have a fast beat to it.

CF:  How do you stay fit on days you don’t feel like crawling out of bed?
Tina:  On days that I don’t feel like crawling out of bed, I make sure I make I stay on track in terms of eating the right foods, because this way at least I know if I can’t make my workout for the day for some reason, I know that I am eating healthy.

CF:  What makes exercising fun to you?
Tina:  Exercising is fun for me because the mind-set that I have when going into a workout routine is that I am taking control over my body and I am doing something about it. I love working out or doing active activities with friends, however I am the type of person that won’t mind exercising by myself. I like taking control of my body and not letting my body control me. This also motivates me to continue to stay healthy and fit when ever possible.

CF:  If tomorrow was the end of the world what would you eat without feeling guilty?
Tina:  A banana split sundae with tons of whip cream, nuts and a single cherry on top. :o)

CF:  What advice do you have for people who struggle with finding motivation for staying fit?
Tina:  If motivation is not there in terms of trying to stay fit, I would recommend looking for new ways to get fit, new exercises, be creative and if possible a buddy system.  Staying fit doesn’t mean you have to workout at a gym necessarily, as long as you stay active, it doesn’t really matter what you do, you can ride a bike, go for walks, take the stairs instead of the elevators, etc.

CF:  Care to share any pics with us?


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