Breaking up the monotony

As I drive in the passenger seat of my sissypoo’s truck all I can think about is how super tired and sore I am. I’ve hit the gym like a ROCKSTAR for the past two days that by this sweet hump day I’m pooped! Yea you may be saying two days is nothing but you’re wrong, two days is SOMETHING.  Because I’m determined to complete the goal this week I’m thinking how can I break up the monotony of this gym rut that I’m feeling. This is not only my Wednesday thought but my everyday thought. It’s as clear as a dollar bill that the season of brisk and cold days lie ahead. It’s approaching faster then I want to admit. This means, all my runners/joggers, outdoor activity folks and laid back work outers will soon be hitting the gym…HARD!!! Managing to squeeze in my work outs are simple but it has me feeling like a hamster in a wheel. I walk in, I do my cardio, I do my strength training, I do my core, some times yes some times no on the steam room and then I call it a day.  Now I want more!!! I do spinning twice a week, yoga twice a week, cardio machines, zumba classes, kick boxing, shucks…the only thing I don’t do is cirque de solei tricks. I guess what I’m getting at is through it all, it still feels like the same old same. So how do I get out of it? Until then…I gotta keep pushing 🙂


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