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What’s your BMI???

Recently I read in a magazine article something interesting. The article was about being overweight and the calculations that determined so. The article contained readers feedback and it seemed quite a few people were disturbed by what was considered overweight. The article went on to explain that just because someone wasn’t a size two or whatever was “normal” on the BMI chart why is it considered overweight. The discussion was going back and forth about how this woman was considered plus size but was healthy. By her standards of healthy she claimed she didn’t suffer with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, any signs of diabetes, or heart problems which are all signs of health problems triggered by weight. She also wanted to know who determined this information on the BMI charts and said it should be re-vamped. After reading her littler excerpt, quite honestly, I agreed. I mean shucks…I too fit that category of not having those health issues and by me being 5’3 and 34 years old, the BMI chart says I should weigh 140lbs. So I asked myself the same question. I feel healthy and I feel like yes, I’m not 140lbs but I’m not at risk to those health issues because I am taking an active measure to being fit and eating right. Then continuing to read the article, one reader comment and it triggered something in me. The reader said (not verbatim) that we can all proclaim to be as healthy as we want but if we’re not falling within the BMI stats then no we are not healthy. And quite frankly…that is 100% TRUE.  So of course, I jumped up and I was like says who!?! And then it dawned of me, the reader was right. Yes, just because I don’t have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, any signs of diabetes, or heart problems that doesn’t mean I will never encounter it. Doesn’t mean that at any given moment, I won’t wake up with high blood pressure or my sweet ticker conk out on me.  The chart is just that simple. The Body Mass Index. Let’s break it down.

The BMI is measured by the estimate of a healthy body weight based on a person’s height and weight.  Your BMI does not measure body fat percentage.  Supposedly, due to the easy calculation and measurement it is a widely used tool to identify problems.  This goes for underweight and overweight. Of course in my opinion I will tell you easy calculation to who?!!? The Body Mass Index is defined as this: your body weight divided by the square of your height. That is the formula. That is what they call easy. And that is what determines if your right at target or if as I like to call it, Pleasingly Plump 🙂

Here’s a little BMI chart. Clearly according to this, I’m obese. I’m not happy with the word obese but it is what it is right.
Have your checked your BMI Lately?!?!


Fun Fact #4

I get it, you get it, we all get it!!!  What is it that we get????

The ITIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you know…if your lunch leaves you craving a sweet nap or quick shut eye it’s from blood rushing to your digestive system to pick up nutrients so less oxygen is flowing to the brain which makes you feel drowsy.  Ladies & Gentlemen there is a simple cure!!! Did you know the sun cues your body to produce serotonin which boosts energy and exercise makes you feel alert by sending oxygenated blood to your brain and muscles.

So have no fear if you eat that big bite…simple go for a stroll 🙂

Fun Fact #3

Did you know…exercise releases endorphins into your body that are natural pain killers?!?!  So ladies…say good bye to using the excuse of not wanting to work out during your period because of craps.  Research shows, working out during your period when you have cramps can lead to no more pain!!!

This week’s commitment :)

This week I decided I needed to set a small goal with myself.  I feel like my operation 20 is kinda going rough so I decided I needed something to give me a boost.  This week, I promised myself that I was going to work out for 5 days straight and eat healthy.  If it kills me, I’m going to prove to myself that I CAN DO IT!!!  I’m trying to lose 3-4lbs this week so we shall see!  So far I must say, I’m so very proud of myself.  Not only have I followed through with doing great workouts but the eating has gone way better than I gave myself credit for. Baby steps are big steps and I’m happy things are going well 🙂  Stay tuned!!!!