Daily Archives: October 15, 2010

Could it have came any time sooner?


The week is gone and the weekend is here!!!!! I swear this week felt like the longest week of my life. Between me feeling sick with a head cold, stomach virus and no energy to my boss being in town and running me ragged!!!  As the week comes to an end, I will be getting some much needed rest, much needed exercise and much needed cleaning around my house.  No real plans set with any friends or anything. And possibly more likely then none, I will be catching up on my girlie activities such as mani, pedi, and waxing.

There are a couple of things I’d like to reflect on for this week:

*  I felt like I totally didn’t drink a lot of water.  My normal routine is about 5 bottles a day during my work hours. I don’t know where I messed up.
*  I really felt like I wasn’t myself this week.  I had no energy and I know I was sick but it almost felt like an outer body experience.
*  I managed to sneak in a little bit of stair climbing exercise as well as a Zumba class this week so I’m happy for that.
*  My eating was totally off whack and I managed to loose 3lbs but I think it was because I was sick so I’m praying I don’t gain 6 back 😦
*  The weather was beautiful in the Bay and I’m hoping it stays that way this weekend.
*  And last but not least I get to take a 2 day break from the Corporate World.

Have a great weekend and see ya back on the grind on Monday!!!!!!!


Body Challenge – End of Week 2 – 10/15/10

3 pounds down and surely I’m not happy about it but…I’ll do better next week 🙂