In those JEANS…

Recently there’s been this huge billboard that’s viewable on the 101 right after you get off the Bay Bridge that has been catching my attention.  The billboard is from a Levi’s ad and it features 3 women from a view of the waist down in jeans.  The slogan on the billboard reads “ALL ASSES WERE NOT CREATED EQUALLY”.  Damn…if that isn’t the truth then I don’t know one is.  If you know me, then you know that jeans are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE clothes item.  I could never have too many and I have too many favorites.  My jeans have to fit me perfectly.  By perfect I mean, since I’m a shorty they have to be the right length, they have to hug my booty to perfection, clinch my thighs just right, not too tight in the waist, not hugging my calfs or ankles and absolutely make me feel pretty.  That is the recipe to the perfect jean!!!!!!! My closet is filled with many. Even if it’s the same jean. As long as it feels great, I’m all over it. Often, pricing my persuade me from buying really really good ones that I like but so far that hasn’t too much.

With that being said, the kind of exercising that I incorporate in my daily life makes a huge difference in how my jeans fit me. My jeans are the first sign that things are either going good or going bad. If the waist on my jeans are piercing in my gut then I know we have a problem.  If my thighs seem to be screaming for dear life and if I have to say a silent prayer to God asking to please not let my button burst over that last meal then I know I need to hit the gym.  If my booty starts feeling a little loose in my jeans it means something is going good.

To maintain the right fitting in my jeans I make sure I incorporate 3 things in my work out routine:
* The Stair Master
* The Treadmill
* The Elliptical

To some, these are the most boring cardio machines in the gym however, they proven to work on my body!!!


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