Exotic or cumbersome???

I had the pleasure of staring at a Pomegranate and a Persimmon during lunch time today.  Honestly, I’ve always wondered about these two specific fruit.  Never have I had the pleasure of tasting either of them but wanted to so many times.  Pomegranates and Persimmons are not your average fruits.  The look of them alone can be quite intimidating.  I don’t believe in my opinion their known enough to just pick up and eat.  I’ve often wondered hmm…where’s the user guide or directions on these fruits?!?  Do we eat them like apples or do we peel them like a banana?  Are they ripe when hard or should we wait until soft to eat them?  Is there a specific taste and color that we can relate them to?  These are all puzzling questions my mind stir up as I think about exactly what the heck is a Pomegranate and Persimmon.  And for that reason only, I decided today to do some research for you!!!

1.  Can be messy and often compared to a mango
2.  The juice will stain your clothes and even known to stain your counter tops
3.  The seeds are sweet and have a bursting flavor
4.  You’re supposed to cut the top (also known as the crown) and toss it
5.  Remove seed, soak in water, drain, dry then eat

***Did you know…every pomegranate is composed of exactly  840 seeds each!!!! I dare you to count 🙂

1.   Eat like an orange that has been cut with the peel on
2.  If ripe enough you can eat the insides with a spoon
3.  Mango / Apricot like but different consistency
4.  Eating the peel is optional
5.   If you cut one of the seeds in half you’ll have 2 sides exactly shaped like an almond

***Did you know…Persimmons are known to make a lot of folks gag??? Go figure!!!!

I don’t know if I’m daring enough to try either of these two fruits yet.  I know folks love pomegranate juice but as for now…I’ll stick to Mangos 🙂


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