Childhood Obesity

Since coming into office, Michelle Obama has been the number 1 advocate of Childhood Obesity.  If you sit still and people watch long enough you too will see the pattern. As someone who struggles with weight, I often sit down and wonder when and how did it all start?  I could never say I was a hungry child so with that being said, I wasn’t one of those kids that didn’t want to eat.  I also wasn’t one of those kids that ate everything in sight.  I came from a middle class, 2 working parent home.  At the end of the day, dinner was always on the table.  McDonald’s nor going to restaurants were ever an option for us.  I mean…sure they existed and we saw it on television but I came from an era where the food that was cooked was the food that you ate.  The only other food you ate was at family or friend’s house.  As everyone else, we purchased our foods from your local supermarkets and fruit and vegetable stands.  I can honestly say, that since both my parents worked, they both took turns cooking dinner.  Back then, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other silent killers existed it’s just they were considered the “old people” sicknesses.  So of course we used the worst oils, the worst sugars, and the worst carbs. Growing up in a Latin home, rice was the focus of every one of my dinners.  It went the same for all of my family.  With that being said, my mother didn’t eat vegetables so they weren’t cooked and we surely didn’t eat them as well.  Of course my father would torture us and try and force us to eat them but as sure as the sun shined, those were the last things on the plate.  Brooklyn, NY was such an Urban borough. The only physical activity I ever remember doing was going outside to play…still that is not what caused my weight gain.

Lately, I too have been feeling very passionate about Childhood Obesity and of course the reasons are obvious.  No I don’t have any children and no a child doesn’t live with me but that doesn’t matter. This issue is big enough where we all should care.  All of us!!! I would love to blame the media and McDonald’s for fattening up our children but the reality is, the same way we monitor the computer, their friends and the tv we need to step up and monitor their food!!!!!!!  The ingredients and labels in so much of the food today is deadly!!!!!!  I mean come on…we can’t even pronounce it so why are we feeding it to our children.  Yes…of course it’s easier said than done but it’s time we start!!!!!!!!  We as parents and major role models in children’s lives need to step up and say NO…you can’t not eat that Pop-Tart you will eat a banana!!! NO…you can not eat that processed hamburger you will eat a turkey burger.  There are so many ways to get children to love the healthy food that exists!!!!!!!

Michelle Obama is starting off in schools and yes, while I think that is a great start an even better start is right at the kitchen table.  Don’t wait for your child to struggle with diabetes to want to make a change.  Don’t wait until your child is deemed obese by doctors to want to change.  Start now!!!!!!!!!  Healthy food does not only consist of fruits and vegetables.  Start now with the good carbs such as whole wheat breads and pastas, with brown rice, and lean meats.  Start now by showing your child they don’t have to eat Twinkies and Honey Buns to enjoy sweets.

Please…start now before their 34 like myself and wondering…when did it all start?!?!


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