What’s in the name?!?!

Since starting this website, I’ve had to answer the “why did you call it that” question more times then I expected.
I thought the name would be something self explanatory but I guess it wasn’t. Once that question was asked and then answered I got the “oh you should have named it…” as if that wasn’t rude!  Understandably, I guess I should explain for curious minds.

Curvaciously Fierce and yes for inquiring minds I know the word “Curvaciously” is neither spelled right nor a word but shucks…neither is JLO and its a household name. It’s my word. No I’m not webster’s dictionary, I’m not looking to enter in it and become a word nor will I be trying to trademark the word/phrase (hmm…now that’s a thought). Just as fabulocity, hateration and fantabulous it’s just a word/phrase that feel defines me to what my inner expectations are of myself.

Let me put it like this…in my head I believe I am fierce and therefore because I believe I am fierce, I AM FIERCE! No one can take that from me. Whether you believe I am fierce or not is a different matter.  Fierce is within one’s attitude, stride, personality, and appearance. I feel I’m the best I can be at any given moment therefore I project and pass on fierceness.  Curvaciously comes from the beautiful curves God has given me that I love, that I’m growing to love more and more, and that I encourage.  People always ask me how much weight do I want to loose and my answer is simple. I’m not trying to be skinny or thin, I want to be under 200lbs, a size 10-12, and I want to maintain my curves!!! Meat on my body is a must. At the end of the day, I refuse to be hungry, unhappy or unrecognisable. I need to be and will always be CURVACIOUSLYFIERCE!!!


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