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SHE SAID —> Meet Dania

Hello Everyone…I’d like to introduce you to…

Name:  Dania
Age:  26
Stat:  A college educated entrepreneur who specializes in visual art, graphic design, illustration, painting, mix media and creative writing
The Yay

CF:  Tell me a little bit about your outlook on having a healthy life and why is it important to you?
Dania:  It’s important because as a woman of color, I already have several health risks working against me. Furthermore, who doesn’t want to live a quality life? 🙂

CF:  Do you struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle if so why?
Dania:  I struggle, because I don’t always make the time for good health & fitness. When I was younger, I was always in dance class, I swam, and played sports. I also didn’t have a 9-5, and other obligations back then.

CF:  What has motivated you to stay healthy?
Dania:  I want to live long enough to have a relationship with my great-grandchildren (well, if I have kids… lol). The point is, I want to live a full life.

CF:  What is your favorite cardio / strength training routine?
Dania:  I love to dance (samba, salsa, west african, chicago step, etc.) and hike. I used to swim a lot in my youth, I’d like to pick that up again. That Wii game (Just Dance) is a favorite of mine.

CF:  What’s your number one work-out song?
Dania:  It would be a tie between Parliament: Knee Deep or MC Hammer: Let’s Get It Started.

CF:  How do you stay fit on days you don’t feel like crawling out of bed?
Dania:  I haven’t mastered that yet.

CF:  What makes exercising fun to you?
Dania:  Anything that doesn’t remind me of the fact that I am “working out.” I hate gyms, and would much rather be outdoors, or participating in another activity.

CF:  If tomorrow was the end of the world what would you eat without feeling guilty?
Dania:  Hmmm… probably boudin sausage, fried calamari, a hurricane, and sweet potato fries… (yikes!)

CF:  What advice do you have for people who struggle with finding motivation for staying fit?
Dania:  Figure out what your fitness style is. Do you belong in a structured class at a gym, or would you participate in an adult intramural sports league, etc?

CF:  Can you share some before and after pictures with us?
Dania:  I haven’t met my fitness goals yet. I have a picture here on FB of me on my 21st birthday in a bikini… I want that body back! 😀 – See below


New Category!!!!!

I’ve decided my blog shouldn’t entirely be about me since I have so many people to be grateful for who has encouraged me along the way.

So I’m adding a new category called HE SAID, SHE SAID interviews where I will be featuring real life people and getting the views on being healthy 🙂

And today I will run…

I haven’t ran in a few months.  As with everything else, I’ve fallen so behind on my running.  So today I will run!!!! I’m going to put on my sneakers, load up the ipod with some current music and just run or in Sandra’s terms, run/jog/walk.  As I run parallel to the water today who knows what I’ll be thinking about…my goal, the scenery, a burrito…just kidding LOL. What ever it is, today I will run!!!!

Running is one of the best cardio exercises you can do.  Running also reduces cholesterol, lower blood pressure and has been known to produce changes in your body composition.  Did you know as little as 10-15 minutes of running a day has been known to enhance your mood?!?

When’s the last time you’ve run?!?!

What’s in the name?!?!

Since starting this website, I’ve had to answer the “why did you call it that” question more times then I expected.
I thought the name would be something self explanatory but I guess it wasn’t. Once that question was asked and then answered I got the “oh you should have named it…” as if that wasn’t rude!  Understandably, I guess I should explain for curious minds.

Curvaciously Fierce and yes for inquiring minds I know the word “Curvaciously” is neither spelled right nor a word but shucks…neither is JLO and its a household name. It’s my word. No I’m not webster’s dictionary, I’m not looking to enter in it and become a word nor will I be trying to trademark the word/phrase (hmm…now that’s a thought). Just as fabulocity, hateration and fantabulous it’s just a word/phrase that feel defines me to what my inner expectations are of myself.

Let me put it like this…in my head I believe I am fierce and therefore because I believe I am fierce, I AM FIERCE! No one can take that from me. Whether you believe I am fierce or not is a different matter.  Fierce is within one’s attitude, stride, personality, and appearance. I feel I’m the best I can be at any given moment therefore I project and pass on fierceness.  Curvaciously comes from the beautiful curves God has given me that I love, that I’m growing to love more and more, and that I encourage.  People always ask me how much weight do I want to loose and my answer is simple. I’m not trying to be skinny or thin, I want to be under 200lbs, a size 10-12, and I want to maintain my curves!!! Meat on my body is a must. At the end of the day, I refuse to be hungry, unhappy or unrecognisable. I need to be and will always be CURVACIOUSLYFIERCE!!!