What’s In Yours?!?

Someone asked me today “Wow…do you eat a salad everyday?”  I answered “Majority of the week, yes”.  

Eating a salad everyday doesn’t have to be treacherous or by any means a form of punishment for losing weight.  Take my salads for example, I use my salad time as an opportunity to eat as many vegetables (and sometimes fruits) as I can.  My salads range in something simple to very exotic.  Today for lunch, I would consider my salad super simple and quick.  Yes, one might take it as a boring meal but I don’t.  When preparing for lunch, I always think in my head “what am I in the mood for?”  Once I determine what that is, I express it in my salad.  My favorite salad of all time would have to be a mix of raw spinach, shredded carrots, sprouts, tofu, pinch of parm cheese or mozzarella balls, cilantro, red & green onions, corn, raisins, sun dried tomatoes, and great dressing.  In a matter of minutes I’ve created not only a hearty meal but a super healthy one.  Weight Watchers suggest you eat 5 servings of vegetables (1 cup each serving) a day.  Just in one sitting and one meal I manage to do that.  I urge everyone to be daring with their salads and love them just as it was your favorite dish.  I promise you, after a while an array of options you won’t feel like a salad is boring.  Please remember, with that being said, it’s not what you put in your salad that’s a pound packer…it’s what you put ON your salad (to be discussed at a later time) that makes the difference 🙂


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