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Body Challenge – End of Week 1 – 10/8/10

YIKES…It’s never easy to be transparent but this is what motivation is all about.  Looking back at where I’ve come from I have so much to be proud of but like any normal human being and anyone who is losing weight, I have a long way to go!!!!  So please pardon the rolls and the DDDs 🙂

With that being said…Operation Off has started this week and I decided to include some pictures of myself this week.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a change to weigh and take measurements but this is a good first start.

Follow me week by week and pound by pound as I get to my goal 🙂


Kick all others to the CURB!!!

WATER…the one great substance in life, in which we all need, yet the one thing lacking in so many of our diets.  WHY!?!?!?

Growing up, yes water was the last thing I wanted to drink but as adult going through my weight loss journey I quickly learned water is a MUST!!!!!!!  Let’s keep it real for one moment, whoever said, “if you’re hungry drink lots of water” surely wasn’t talking to me.  Though it is a proven fact, drinking a lot of water helps to trick your brain into letting you think your full, that has NEVER worked for me.  I look at water from a calorie stand point.  In my daily diet I’m supposed to (emphasis on suppose) be eating 1600 calories a day.  A normal person’s caloric intake should be 2000 a day but in the world of losing weight we should always eat less and exercise more.  So…with my 1600 calories a day the last thing I want to do is drink my calories away.  Do you know a can of regular pepsi or coke contains approximately 140-160 calories…YIKES!!! If that’s not worse, for all you orange lovers, Sunkist has 190 calories per can.  And to make more of a point, I won’t even tell you about drinks such as lemonades or sweet teas.  I don’t know about you but for me, as someone who is always counting their calories, I have better things to do with almost 200 calories…for example, I can eat a snack and feel a little bit full!!!

I can’t tell you the exact place or time when I started loving water but I must say that is all I drink now.  At home, when going out, even at clubs, I’m the girl with water.  I have it in my car, in my bags and I walk around with them from meeting to meeting.  Subconsciously, I’ve made water the number one liquid in my life.  Yes, of course, every now and then I sip Sylvia’s can or I request a coke w/lemon but that is only occasionally.

As if it couldn’t get any better, drinking approximately 5 bottles of water a day has helped my skin tremendously!!!!  I seldomly have pimples or bumps and I have this natural glow and YES…even during that time of the month 🙂

If water isn’t your number beverage of choice, possibly start off slow by incorporating some Crystal Light or Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch packets in your water.  These are an excellent no to low calorie flavors to help you get some water in.  TRUST ME…TRY IT…Crystal Light is not bad at all 🙂

What’s In Yours?!?

Someone asked me today “Wow…do you eat a salad everyday?”  I answered “Majority of the week, yes”.  

Eating a salad everyday doesn’t have to be treacherous or by any means a form of punishment for losing weight.  Take my salads for example, I use my salad time as an opportunity to eat as many vegetables (and sometimes fruits) as I can.  My salads range in something simple to very exotic.  Today for lunch, I would consider my salad super simple and quick.  Yes, one might take it as a boring meal but I don’t.  When preparing for lunch, I always think in my head “what am I in the mood for?”  Once I determine what that is, I express it in my salad.  My favorite salad of all time would have to be a mix of raw spinach, shredded carrots, sprouts, tofu, pinch of parm cheese or mozzarella balls, cilantro, red & green onions, corn, raisins, sun dried tomatoes, and great dressing.  In a matter of minutes I’ve created not only a hearty meal but a super healthy one.  Weight Watchers suggest you eat 5 servings of vegetables (1 cup each serving) a day.  Just in one sitting and one meal I manage to do that.  I urge everyone to be daring with their salads and love them just as it was your favorite dish.  I promise you, after a while an array of options you won’t feel like a salad is boring.  Please remember, with that being said, it’s not what you put in your salad that’s a pound packer…it’s what you put ON your salad (to be discussed at a later time) that makes the difference 🙂

Calorie Cutting Trick

Dishing out dinner portions at the stove instead of serving yourself right at the table could help you eat 20% fewer calories per meal.  When food’s out of sight, you’re not automatically tempted to refill your plate.  It also enables you to pause and ask, “wait, how hungry am I?” which will keep you from going back for seconds (or thirds!) unless your body really needs them.