My Collage Masterpiece

About a year ago I coordinated a team building event that consisted of everyone in my department getting together and making collages.  The collage was supposed to reflect where you are in your life, where you would like to be in life, what your passions are, and anything else that represents “YOU”.  The directions were for us to get into groups, cut out a bunch of pictures and text, glue them to picture boards and explain your story.  Simple huh…NOT!!!! As I was going through magazine after magazine I couldn’t come up with a suitable story for the work environment.  I mean come on…does anyone really want to hear about how I love to sleep or about how I love hip hop and can probably sing word for word on many songs or what about how I hate horror movies?!?! As I got passed the frustration of “why the heck are we doing this stupid project” it finally came to me.  I wanted to tell a story of things I liked and things I’m aspiring to achieve.  I’ve decided to share this collage and story with you!!!

Let’s start pic by pic and text by text 🙂

*Who do you want to be – I ask myself this question almost daily.  Being that I’m 34 now, I can honestly say, I don’t actually wake up feeling like I’ve conquered my world…or not yet at least.

*Brighter days ahead – I remind myself this phrase every time I feel things aren’t going my way or when things seem to be getting a little negative.

*Learning from a pro – At work I’m all about developing myself and I feel the number one way to get where you want to go you need to learn from a pro.

*AHA – I constantly have AHA moments.

*Here, passion knows no limit – I have no idea why I picked this.  Guess it just jumped out at me at the moment.

*What do you love about yourself? – Huh…what don’t I love should be the question. I definitely feel you should always love everything about yourself even if sometimes you’d give anything to trade in those faults.

*CUPCAKE – There’s a reason why this bad boy is the biggest thing on the page.  I can’t say anything less of I LOVE CUPCAKES 🙂

*Cat with head in fish bowl – I chose this picture for a number of reasons.  I have a new found love for cats and at the moment of this team building, I was trying to decide was I the cat or was I the fish in the bowl at my position at work.  HMM…still a question I ask myself.

*Eli Manning – GOOOOOOOO GMEN!!!!!!!!!!! What can say…being that I’m a New Yorker, born and raised and a die hard football girl there’s no one better than the NY GIANTS and no one better than Eli Manning (be quiet you Peyton fans!!!).

*I’ll keep running and runners – My dream is to become a runner.  I can only do about 2 minutes at a time without wanting to die from exhaustion but I’m determined to make this goal.

*Give Get & Go – This feels like my work mantra!!! Give me what you need, I’ll give you what I have, and GO…wherever that is 🙂

*My true self – One can only dare to know what it is but I know!!!

*Happiness – At the end of the day, when the lights go off, when there’s nothing but silence I am…HAPPINESS 🙂

What would your collage be??????


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One response to “My Collage Masterpiece

  • Kiesha

    I love this idea! I must admit it scares me to think of what mines would be BUT screw being scared I think I may make one!! May even answer some questions I have about myself….

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