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So as many of you are aware I am a Pescatarian…not to be confused with a Vegetarian.  The differences are these, Pescatarians eat meat (fish, seafood, and  shell fish to be exact) and dairy products where as to Vegetarians eat no meat or dairy what so ever (not to be confused with Vegans).  Pescatarians can also be broken down into 3 categories.  Regular Pescatarians (which is me), Ovo Pescatarians (people who eat eggs), and Lacto Pescatarians (people who drink milk).  I do not drink milk or eat eggs, however, I do eat cheese 🙂 – Just a little education for ya!!!!  July 2010 made the 2 year anniversary of me eating a No Meat (beef, pork, chicken, or turkey) lifestyle.  And in case you ask, no, I don’t miss it 🙂

So recently I discovered these two items at my local supermarket (Lucky’s).  Very inexpensive.  About $5 each.  In my opinion they taste wonderful.  I would have to say the chickenless is my absolute favorite.  My mind was totally telling me I was eating chicken fingers.  Their also pretty healthy.  Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t able to capture a good shot of the nutrition label.   And…take my word for it…it tastes GREAT 🙂


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