Pre-Birthday Funness :)

So today is the start of my birthday weekend!!! My birthday is officially Monday but that’s not gonna stop me from starting the festivities!!!!

I’ve always loved my birthday.  Some folks never understand so let me briefly break it down like this.

Today is the only day I have for myself!!! I don’t have to share it, I don’t have to indulge in other people or things and I get to be happy about it and have everyone understand.  October 4th is MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Even if I decide to do nothing, which of course I never do, I have every right to!!!!

So before my wonderful 34th birthday begins, in which I have tons and tons of fun planned, I’m not going to forget I must keep up with my exercise routine because I can guarantee you there’s going to be tons of cupcakes and food around me, as it should be, for any foodie and any curvacious hottie like myself 🙂


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