In God We Trust But In The Scale We Must

You ever get that funny feeling in your stomach on weigh in days? Well if you’re anything like me, at any given weigh in day, I break out in sweats, turn beet red and/or prep myself for a pep talk in case my numbers aren’t suitable enough for my liking.  Why do you think the tormenting period occurs from the minute you decide it’s weigh in day to the second you step on the scale?  I’ll tell you why that happens!!!  For me, the minute I step on the scale, I don’t think about all the hard work outs I endured, all the calories I burned or even the sweat that made my skin salty.  I instantly think about that office chocolate that maybe I should have passed up, that mayo that I maybe spread a little to thick or that salad that got pushed to the side for a burrito.  That is what I think about when I prepare to step on the scale.  I loose my sanity on weigh in days and no matter how much I loose, the number scares me. So today, I decided to make a new commitment to myself.  Today I decided that the next time I weigh in, I’m going to take a deep breath and tackle it one pound at a time 🙂


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