Goal Setting

When I first started losing weight, I read some where you should start off with making small goals. Of course as small as I thought they were, I always managed to out do myself.  I remember once I kidded myself by setting a goal of losing 7lbs in one week.  Huh!!!! Not only did that quickly become stressful but it also gave me false hope and I started noticing weight gain; not to mention my mood changed.  I’ve changed my mind frame since then and decided to make goals in which, not only would make me proud, but would result in results.  To date, my mini goals have been:

*Regain my lap back!!! If you grew up wiht me you know I call my stomach roll Wally.  Well since Wally isn’t disappearing over night, I decided my goal was to encourage him to get his behind off my lap.

*Stop using my Triple D’s as a Crumb Catcher!!!  If you know anything about me, you know prior to me losing weight, I was the girl who always had stains on her shirt.  Seemed like food just love sitting on my chest.  In fact, I always made jokes about having a permanent walking table.

*Achieve the leg cross!!!  Some folks don’t understand how leg crossing can be taken for granted.  All my adult life, I’ve envied the leg crossers.  They always looked so sexy.  One day it was going to be me.  One day I was going to have my sexy leg crossing moment.  When you see pictures and wonder…why the hell does Sandra have so many pictures of her crossed legs you can now answer…”Ohhhh she must have found her sexy leg crossing moment :)”

What little goals have you set or achieved to make yourself happy???


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