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Fact #1

Reasons why you may be binge eating – You wait too long to eat – When your blood sugar dips too low, the lack of fuel to your brain can make you unfocused and cranky and more likely to toss back on junk food.  Make time for breakfast every morning and commit to eating something every two or three hours after that.  Include a mix of good carbs (like whole grains and fruits) to give you energy, and protein to slow digestion and prevent those emotional highs and lows.


Goal Setting

When I first started losing weight, I read some where you should start off with making small goals. Of course as small as I thought they were, I always managed to out do myself.  I remember once I kidded myself by setting a goal of losing 7lbs in one week.  Huh!!!! Not only did that quickly become stressful but it also gave me false hope and I started noticing weight gain; not to mention my mood changed.  I’ve changed my mind frame since then and decided to make goals in which, not only would make me proud, but would result in results.  To date, my mini goals have been:

*Regain my lap back!!! If you grew up wiht me you know I call my stomach roll Wally.  Well since Wally isn’t disappearing over night, I decided my goal was to encourage him to get his behind off my lap.

*Stop using my Triple D’s as a Crumb Catcher!!!  If you know anything about me, you know prior to me losing weight, I was the girl who always had stains on her shirt.  Seemed like food just love sitting on my chest.  In fact, I always made jokes about having a permanent walking table.

*Achieve the leg cross!!!  Some folks don’t understand how leg crossing can be taken for granted.  All my adult life, I’ve envied the leg crossers.  They always looked so sexy.  One day it was going to be me.  One day I was going to have my sexy leg crossing moment.  When you see pictures and wonder…why the hell does Sandra have so many pictures of her crossed legs you can now answer…”Ohhhh she must have found her sexy leg crossing moment :)”

What little goals have you set or achieved to make yourself happy???

In God We Trust But In The Scale We Must

You ever get that funny feeling in your stomach on weigh in days? Well if you’re anything like me, at any given weigh in day, I break out in sweats, turn beet red and/or prep myself for a pep talk in case my numbers aren’t suitable enough for my liking.  Why do you think the tormenting period occurs from the minute you decide it’s weigh in day to the second you step on the scale?  I’ll tell you why that happens!!!  For me, the minute I step on the scale, I don’t think about all the hard work outs I endured, all the calories I burned or even the sweat that made my skin salty.  I instantly think about that office chocolate that maybe I should have passed up, that mayo that I maybe spread a little to thick or that salad that got pushed to the side for a burrito.  That is what I think about when I prepare to step on the scale.  I loose my sanity on weigh in days and no matter how much I loose, the number scares me. So today, I decided to make a new commitment to myself.  Today I decided that the next time I weigh in, I’m going to take a deep breath and tackle it one pound at a time 🙂

My simple bio

A few years ago I made a decision.  Of course this decision came about after viewing some horrible (in my opinion) pictures.  That decision was it’s time to shed the excess fat.  How I was going to do it was going to take hard work.  Blood, sweat and tears to be exact.  I didn’t know if I had it in me but I NEEDED to do it.  Food has always been my best friend.  Growing up in Latin family how could food not be my best friend.  I learned to live and die by the twinkie and be happy with it.  Tipping the scale at 314lbs I almost wanted to rip my face off.  That’s how I felt at the doctor’s office.  Not only was I fat but I was humiliated and having to hear and see that number made me the biggest person in the world in my eyes.  I’d just come back from the Bahamas with a friend and looking at those pics of me with sweat imprinting from my rolls through my shirt was mortifying.  Going to my doctor for my annual physical and stepping on a scale was my 2nd reality check.  Test after test came back negative.  No fibroid problems, no high blood pressure, no diabetes.  The only thing I got was a horrible stare and the words I would never forget.  “For you to be so big, I’m shocked you don’t have any problems”.  As if (I thought) all fat people had problems.  She proceeded to tell me well you need to do something about this weight before you get problems.  I left that doctors office with my heart in my hand from embarrassment and pain and vowed two things.  #1 – loose all of this weight and #2 – never go back to that doctor again.

My journey began May 2008.  I managed to loose 85lbs.  It wasn’t easy and I always didn’t have happy moments.

My name is Sandra Octavia Simms.  Born a bi-racial baby to an African American father and a Dominican mother.  To date I am 33 years old, 5’3 tall.  Always looking for the brighter days with laughs, smiles and love.  Never a dull moment in my life and taking baby steps to what I call my perfection.

Follow me on this new journey that I’ve embarked on where I will be logging health, happiness, and pain in order to achieve my perfection. I can’t promise you a lifetime of achieved goals but I can promise you tiny baby steps to what I call “The Day And Life of a Perfect Imperfection”